Chara at 3 Months

This is an old post, from an old shall-not-be-named blog that I couldn't help but repost! It was an update on our sweet girl dog, Chara, at 3 months. Her birthday was January 20th & she turned 5 this year! I can hardly believe that she was ever as small as she is in these photos below! Enjoy!

Chara, is getting bigger, and continually reminding us, how impatient we are, I mean....how awesome she is. :) Well Here's an Update from Chara, herself:

An yang ah seh yo. That's hello, where I'm from. My name is Chara! I am now 3 months old! Like any golden retriever puppy, I am full of energy!

I do a great job staying at home by myself, while my mommy and daddy are at work. I don't cry or bark! Honestly! I am really good. And keep myself happy. And I am learning to be potty trained! Yaa me!

I love my life outside of my room, though. I especially love biting my mommies arms, and leaving battle wounds and scratches all over her.

Oh! I also love chewing on tissues, table legs, and anything that belongs to my mommy and daddy. It all just tastes sooooooo good!
My favorite thing to do is anything that daddy tells me not to do. That's the best! And lots of fun!

Also, I haven't yet learned what the word, "No!" means. I hear it a lot, but I am just not sure what it means. I think it's some kind of game Daddy likes to play with me. But I'm not sure.

I do know "Sit!" I always listen to "Sit!"

I love taking baths! And I always need one! It makes me sleepy.

I am learning to enjoy being brushed everyday, too! Because I am loosing my winter coat! And it kind of feels good.

Lately, I have been seeing the wide-wide world on walks! It is lots of fun!

I even have gone running with mommy some! But I get tired, so I just lay down, half way through. It's hard to keep up with my little legs!

I LOVE pig ears! And new toys! I really like to "bury" them behind the black chair. I dig and dig and then bury them there, shhh, don't tell mommy and daddy where they are.

My best friend, is an air freshener that sits on the floor. He is a good friend. We play. I bark at him and hit him with my feet and growl at him. It's fun.

My favorite place to play hide and seek is under the couch! hehe. Mommy and Daddy look for me. They call me. They don't even know I'm under there! I trick them! Oh. But I can't get out. So I have to cry until Daddy comes and gets me.

Ohhhhhh Treats! I eat about 5 treats a day! I am a spoiled puppy! Yummy!

This Saturday I will get my 4th round of shots! Pheww! Only 2 more to go AND then I get to go to puppy school!!!

Well, that's an update about me!

Here are some pictures, so you can see how cute I am getting. :)

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Simple, Last Minute Valentine's Day DIY Gifts

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm thinking about ways to gift my husband, Zachary, and I bet you are thinking about how to gift the man in your life, too.

What can we do to bless these amazing men in our lives & show them how much they are loved?! Especially when so little time is left before Valentine's! Here's a few ideas for you that I posted a few years ago. :)

An Encouragement Jar
Our first year of dating, I made Zachary a bag of all the things I loved about him.
 Everyone loves to hear the ways they are loved and we should never tire of telling our special men how wonderful they are. This year I made him an encouragement jar with 75 reasons I love him. Don't ask me why the number 75! You can pick any number, really.

A Box of Dates
Valentine's Day is a good excuse to start a date box.
Fill a box with fun date ideas or just simple ways to spend time together.

Truth or Dare Sticks
Going with the theme of fun things to do together, how about a classic; truth or dare. It may be a little corny but still fun. Make your truths and dares as naughty or nice as you'd like.

Red hearts-Dares // Pink Hearts-Truths

Homemade Massage Oil
This gift is fun & easy to make. Plus, it comes with an extra bonus-- It probably ensures you'll be getting a massage, too! A gift that gives back to you! :) Nice! 
But remember, this is Valentines' Day, a day devoted to love! So, make sure your one and only gets a massage, too!

Valentine's Massage Oil Recipe
6 tsp of grape seed, coconut or canola oil
8 drops of an essential oil of choice 
(lavender, mint, rose hip and jasmine are great, relaxing choices!)
Mix & store in a dark glass jar. 
Tie a ribbon around it and give it to your man!

As you can see above, all of these ideas are fun, thoughtful & super easy. Obviously, you can make them look better or use nicer materials. I made the above while in China, so paper & markers it was! 

Do you have any fun, easy ideas on how to bless your guy? Let me know in the comments below!
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5 Blog Post Ideas +FREE Post Title Photos

It's easy to get in a blogging rut, where you just can't think of anything to write about. For times like those, I'd love to help you out with these 5 Blog Post Ideas. I wanted to give you some great blogging post ideas & the picture to go along with them.

My Morning Routine
The Top 5 on my Travel Bucket List
My Wellness Routine & My 2016 Wellness Goals
Apps I Can't Live Without + My Guilty Pleasure Apps
TV Shows I'm Love Right Now + My All Time Favorites 

I'll by blogging on these topics soon & can't wait to share with you. If you use any of these topics, I'd love to read your posts, too! Leave the link in the comments below! 
Feel free to right click + save image as these title pics. Happy Blogging! :) post signature
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