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This year was the third year in a row that our Church has hosted a soup party. It's a tradition that I hope to carry on & host, no matter where we are. It's fabulous. What other time do you get to taste 15+ home cooked, delicious soups?! Fall isn't over & we're coming up to the really chilly part of the year, why not host your own soup party!!  

What's a soup party? 
A soup party is a party filled with soup, obviously! It should also be filled with lots of friends! 

Zachary and I at our last soup party! (Sorry these next two pics are a little blurry, but they're the only ones we got this year! :) I must post them for memories sake, ya know?! )
Zachary & Nik at the soup party! 

What do you do?
Invite your family & friends, ask them to make a soup & bring it in a crock pot! Once you have all your soups lined up and ready, the eating begins! Have everyone try each soup. Once everyone has had their fill & tried each one, hand out peices of paper for everyone to select their favorites! Give the first, second and third place soup makers a prize! 

What do I need?
-desserts & bread (if you want, or ask friends to bring a dessert & bread with their soup)
-Large paper plates
-small cups to be placed on top of the plate &  used as bowls like so;
If you want to get real fancy, why not decorate, too?
These potted flowers  in a pumpkin are easy & beautiful. Why not try a cinnamon pumpkin tea light holder, too? 

Need some delicious soup recipes for your soup party?! Try these!

Also, not to brag or anything ;), but I won last year with a recipe similar to this one. This years top 3 were delicious, mine this year didn't stand a chance!! #1 was a pumpkin curry soup. #2 was a creamy onion soup and #3 was a delicious taco soup! Click for similar recipes!

Also, why you're at it, why not 'Click' and 'Save Image as' these  Soup Party Printables I made for you!


Let me know if you host one! I promise, it's tons of fun!
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Letter to my Younger self

Hello Young Heather,
How are you love?! This is your future self. You get real cool when you grow up. Real Cool. Please see above photo for proof. Ya. You rock. Little one, listen carefully. Live your life. Live it. Stop worrying about things. Stop being so full of all those insecurities. Later on in life you will realize that these insecurities about what you look like are lies. They're just lies. Your worth is not in your outside appearance little one. Your worth is in the Lord and He finds you beautiful. Oh, and so does this guy below.
Ya, he kind of adores you. And guess what!? He's your husband! He's kind of amazing. I know he looks slightly creepy in the above photo, but he doesn't always look like that. He's extra hot. So, save yourself alot of heart ache & drama & protect your child hood. Don't worry about boys! Trust me, this one above comes along & you will wish that you saved it all for him. 

Stop working so much, but if you insist, save some of it dang it. Really, listen to your Economics teacher senior year. Do what he says. He's smart. Also, never get a credit card. It's a bad idea.

 Also, cherish your family. Stay home on week nights, get to know your brothers & sister more. You will forever be grateful. Treat your mom better. Hang out with your dad & grandparents. You will really miss them later in life when you live overseas for what feels like forever. Also, Danielle & Juliette are where it's at as far as high school friends go. They will be with you later in life. Also, Kerri. Don't loose touch with her. You will miss her later. Invest in those relationships. You will cherish them forever. 

And, please invest in Apple Stock. 

With love, 
Your Future Self
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Our New Pets

Readers, I'm so sorry. I have failed to introduce you to our two new pets. I know, you're devastated. Don't worry Reader. I'll introduce you now. Turtles meet Readers. Readers, turtles.  These guys are not really new anymore. We've had them, miraculously, over two months! Who knew tiny baby turtles bought in China would live this long! But they're happily still alive in their little turtle bowl.
We have one girl & one boy (so they say, how can you tell really?!) and they are just too cute! They have their own little personalities. The one hides under a leaf & likes being submerged in the water. We always make sure to have fresh, big leaves in there for him. This is the best shot I could get of him above. It's cloudy & unfocused but you get the gist. He lives under those leaves. The second I lay one down he scurries over to it & pushes himself under. The other likes to be up on top of the dry marbles. She loves to stretch out her legs and arms completely. I've even seen her sleeping with her head stretched out over the rocks, further than I knew it could stretch. Multiple times I've thought she had died, because all her limbs were jutting out at weird angles. But no, it's just the way she likes them while resting, weird turtle.
They're super active! This house will be silent, except our two little turtles and their crashing pebbles. We have yet to seen them eat and aren't really sure if they are eating but they're still alive so I think we're good!

And there you have it. You've been formally introduced. 
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